Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Who can join?

A – Anyone can join, of any trade or profession. We have no limit on categories. We believe networking can prove beneficial even with people in the same profession or trade.

Q – Why should I network?

A – Networking is the best way to meet new business contacts. Networking is all about building long term business relationships. It allows you to potentially meet your next biggest client, supplier or even someone who could be your biggest business referrer! Most importantly it’s a fun way to meet lots of interesting new people. Remember, everyone has a story to tell!

Q – What should I prepare?

A – All you would need for our events are, a pen, paper/pad for making notes and some business cards. You will also need to be open-minded and keen to participate! A good idea might also be to think about the types of businesses, trades or professions you are looking to make contact with.

Q – What should I wear?

A – You can wear what you would normally wear for business.

Q – Can I attend a meeting before becoming a member?

A – Please feel free to attend two meetings before joining, to help you discover how GO Network Club will work for you. We suggest you try both a morning and an evening meeting.

Q – How frequent are meetings?
A – Our networking meetings are twice per month, one breakfast meeting and one evening meeting. Please click here to view our list of upcoming meetings.

Q- How much does it cost to become a member?
– You can find the current membership prices here.

Q – Can I spread the cost of membership?
– If you are a new/start-up business, it is possible to spread the cost of the annual membership. Please contact us for details.

Q – If I can’t make a meeting do I have to provide a substitute?
No, it isn’t a requirement to provide a substitute, but it may be beneficial having someone attend in your place on behalf of your business if possible.

Q – Do I have to attend every meeting?
A – No, but you are expected to attend one of the two monthly meetings as a minimum.  It is important to attend as many Go Network club meetings as possible, so as not to miss the opportunity to promote your business and to meet with visitors and other members.

Q – How do I let you know if I can’t make a meeting?
A –
Prior to each meeting you will receive an email to remind you of the next meeting. All we expect you to do is respond to the email confirming that you will be attending OR to tell us why you can’t make that meeting – e.g. on holiday, illness etc. so that we can confirm final numbers with the venue.

Q – Do I have to bring a referral or lead to each meeting?
A – NO, we only want members to be specific about who they would like to speak to (category/industry/profession etc.) and work together to achieve the connection. If you don’t have any connections being requested at any meetings that is OK.
We prefer QUALITY rather than QUANTITY! But please remember the more connections you help people make, the more you will RECEIVE, and the more your relationships within the group will develop.

Q – What else should I do to make sure that Go Network club will work for me?
A – One REALLY important thing to do is arrange regular one-2-one meetings with each member. Meet for a coffee and an informal chat. This will help you both understand what you both do and the sort of people who you are looking for introductions to.

Q – I think your website looks great; how can I get one like it?
A – Get in touch with the team at Buffalo Web Design they will be more than happy to discuss how they can help you.

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